Different type of Internship Opportunities

By Sol Garay |

Have you ever noticed how some entry level job postings require 2-3 years of experience? Then you’re sitting there thinking “I thought this was an entry-level job”. When it comes to entering the job-search market post-graduation, one of the most important things you can have on your resume is experience. And some of the best ways to gain that experience is through internships. But which type of internship is right for you?

Intern Power Hour – City of Riverside

Unpaid Internships

Unpaid internships tend to be the most unpopular because, well because they are unpaid. They are typically offered through non-profits, start-up companies, or other organizations that benefit from having unpaid and volunteer positions. In a world where everything seems to be getting more and expensive, unpaid internships may not be ideal for you. However, if you can afford to “work for free” then they are excellent at gaining some experience to put on your resume.

Paid Internships

Paid internships very common in many different professional fields and tend to be more popular for students. You can find many different paid internships in the medical field, architecture, sciences, engineering, businesses, tech, and more! Having a paid internship is a great way to gain experience in your desired field, while also earning some cash. Companies will also profit from paid internships, as they gain an intern who is highly motivated, filled with fresh ideas, and is eager to work. Most students will do an internship in their third or fourth years of university or college, but remember that you can do an internship at any time. Don’t be afraid to apply to an internship after you’ve already graduated from college!

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Virtual Internship

Virtual internships are relatively new in this day and age, post pandemic. Interns are able to work remotely and not have to be physically present at the job site. These types of internships are ideal, as you are able to gain experience from anywhere in the world so long as you have access to a computer and internet. In general, most virtual internships can be found within the field of tech, however you can find virtual internships in other working fields as well.


Apprenticeships are great for those interested in gaining hand-on, specific experience on a particular field or subject. These are perfect for those wanting to gain experience in a trade, or specialized skill set. Some of the most common apprenticeships are for an electrician, carpenter, plumber, sheet metal worker, and more!

Intern Power Hour – City of Riverside


Fellowships are very similar to internships, and there are many fellowships that are paid as well. However, one key difference is that fellowships tend to be geared more towards those who are at the graduate and post-graduate levels. Many fellowships require some sort of degree, with some even requiring a master’s or doctoral degree. Fellowships are worth applying for, as there are all types of fellowships, from full-time professional fellowships to academic fellowships.

Fellowships are great as they often times provide financial assistance for someone who is eager to get into research, teaching, scholarship, or training. Fellowships benefit the fellow; As a fellow, you will have many resources available to you as well as certain wrap-around services that can help you succeed.

One thing to note: Fellowships usually have some sort of set stipend, whether that’s a limit on working hours or wages.

My experience: Youth Job Corps Fellowship

Youth Job Corps round table discussion

I wrote in detail about my experience post-grad here, but to quickly summarize: I graduated from UC San Diego in 2020. We all know what the world was like during that time, so you won’t be surprised when I tell you that I struggled with finding a job in my desired field – government. Specifically, I was interested in jobs within the international realm of government, but since the world was shut down it was near impossible finding an international job. I knew I couldn’t sit down and wait forever, so I began to work odd jobs and took some time in between to travel and explore. I did this for almost three years before I found my current job through the Youth Job Corps Fellowship.

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OHMIOS Signing meeting with Mayor Lock Dawson

I am honored to have been part of Youth Job Corps, a program furthering the empowerment and development of young individuals in our community. Working in the Mayor’s Office has given me invaluable experience in administrative work, hands-on project experience, and a chance to connect with local residents through public events. With this newly gained experience, I have felt more confident about my career path.

Currently, I serve as an Advisor to Mayor Patricia Lock Dawson. I often staff the Mayor at public events, give opening remarks at ribbon-cutting ceremonies on behalf of the Mayor’s Office, and will even develop and craft articulate talking points for the Mayor. In addition, my day-to-day tasks include leading the Campus Riverside initiative, providing administrative support within the office, and working with city staff to ensure the Mayor’s website remains up to date and informative for all constituents.

Thank you for reading! Make sure to keep up with Campus Riverside as we work and partner with local businesses to provide internship opportunities to students here in Riverside!