Whether you’re looking for an internship while in school or a full-time job in preparation for post-grad life, there are many opportunities available in the Riverside region with companies looking to hire young professionals every day.

Become a Campus Riverside Ambassador

As a Campus Riverside Ambassador, you’ll write engaging blogs, participate in event support, and assist with communication and outreach efforts. Your blog contributions will cover events, personal experiences, and relevant topics, connecting with the Riverside community. You’ll play a crucial role in event logistics, attendee assistance, and ensuring successful event execution. Join our dedicated team to help spread the word and promote Riverside’s vibrant community.

What Current Ambassadors Are Saying

“Hey! My name is Christine Lin and I am Riverside Youth Council’s Campus Riverside Coordinator. During my time working on the Campus Riverside initiative, I’ve been truly impressed by the progress we’ve achieved. We’ve successfully garnered over 200 subscribers for our weekly blogs and have seen a high level of engagement in our social media content, particularly on platforms such as Instagram Reels and TikTok. It’s been a rewarding experience to promote and support Riverside’s small businesses and provide valuable resources for college students in our community.” – Christine Lin


“Hi! My name is Rachel, and I’ve had an amazing time working with the Campus Riverside group so far. My favorite aspect of Campus Riverside is being able to explore a different side of Riverside than what I’ve previously experienced. It’s been so much fun creating content about the numerous small businesses and unique experiences Riverside has to offer.” –Rachel Lu

“Hi, my name is Yunshu and I am one of the social media coordinators for Campus Riverside. The Campus Riverside has been very fun to work with, and I enjoy learning more about Riverside’s vibrant culture and student life!” – Yunshu Zhang

“I am Vivian Le, a high school junior working under Riverside Youth Council in the Campus Riverside Group. It has so far been a very engaging experience. As someone who has lived in the Riverside area my whole life, I had no idea about how many things there were to do here. Through this initiative, I had the chance to meet new people, visit new places, and learn more about this place I call home. Campus Riverside is incredibly beneficial to Riverside and highlights its best qualities.” – Vivian Le

“Hello! I am David Chung, a high school senior serving as Secretary of the Riverside Youth Council. Working in the Campus Riverside Standing Committee, I have enjoyed working with other youth council members to find unique opportunities in Riverside.” – David Chung

“Hi! I am Samantha Carrillo, a high school senior working under Riverside Youth Council in the Campus Riverside Group. It has been super fun to get to know the city of Riverside on a deeper level. Finding all the hidden gems in this awesome city has been my favorite part!!” – Samantha Carrillo


“My name is Camila Rocha and I am a member of the Campus Riverside team! My role involves promoting small businesses through social media, writing articles on Riverside hotspots and hidden gems, and more! Being able to share what I love about my city has been an amazing experience and opportunity for professional growth!” – Camila Rocha

“Hi, my name is Eubin, and I am a part of the Campus Riverside initiative through the Riverside Youth Council. This has been a rewarding and eye-opening experience. I was able to not only promote Riverside and the experiences it can offer, but also personally learn about more things to do in the city that I’ve grown up in. I’m grateful to have received this opportunity, and I hope to play a role in encouraging local youth and our general community to explore Riverside.” –Eubin Oh

“Hello, my name is Aidan Bui, a senior at Martin Luther King High School, and I am part of the “Small Businesses” subgroup in Campus Riverside. It has been amazing working in this group, collaborating to promote growth in Riverside. I’ve been surrounded by such amazing people, and my group skills have dramatically improved.” – Aidan Bui

“Hello! I’m Nayan Bhakta, a high school sophomore in Riverside Youth Council. Currently, I’m in the Campus Riverside Group, and it has been great! Being in Campus Riverside has taught me a lot of things, the main one being, learning more about Riverside. Despite it being my home, I knew nothing about Riverside prior to being in Camp. Riv. This initiative has greatly deepened the bond I have with Riverside, and for that I am forever grateful. Go Campus Riverside!” – Nayan Bhaka

“After these months of coming in contact with Campus Riverside, I have gained a bountiful perception of the aesthetics embedded within the City of Riverside. Before this meaningful experience, I have only witnessed a small part of the City that I grew up in. There were many entities that made me pessimistic about this place, where there was trash everywhere. Now, after I started writing blogs and discovering brand new small businesses, I truly believe that Riverside is a captivating City, and yet a place full of potential.” – Demi Hu

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Opportunities in Riverside County

Take advantage of our Riverside County Workforce Development resource team! They help job seekers access employment, education, training, and support services to succeed in the labor market and help match employers with the skilled workers they need.