The Rose Garden: Riverside’s Grounds of Elegance

By Demi Hu

The Rose Garden, located in the panoramic City of Riverside, includes all the entities one needs to cultivate their cultured personality buried inside. The dashing views of flourishing life, especially the essence of roses, can vary from different colors and aesthetics for visitors to be amused by. The ubiquitousness of eye-catching flowers followed by a wide range of opulent indoor and outdoor facilities is guaranteed to give you the most out of your event. The park is fully isolated to make sure your private event can be held as peacefully as you want and is capable of serving up to 100 guests. Reservation fees range from $87.50 – $150 per hour. 

Indoor Facilities

There are 10 different indoor facilities available to keep your schedule compacted when visiting. Ameal Moore Nature Center can offer nature trails and even hands-on learning programs to capture your engagement. Ballrooms are made for perfection when it comes to your elegant occasions. The Disney dream of childhood can come true for not only you, but also your family and friends. There are also many other indoor facilities like Community centers, Auditorium at Bobby Bonds Park, Lakeside Room at Fairmount Park, Izaak Walton Building at Fairmount Park, and Johnny Martin Sotel Youth opportunity center, waiting for you to stumble on.

Outdoor Facilities

Outdoor facilities may cause your curiosity to arise more. There are 13 different kinds of outdoor activities you can potentially engage in. Tennis courts can seize your competitive mindsets by sweeping your competitors. Gazebo at White Park is surrounded with different types of flowers across the world, ranging from Japan, South America, the Mediterranean, and even Africa. Just imagine the state of yourself standing in the isolated space, smelling the refreshing and bountiful floral scents of these beautiful flowers. There are also other facilities like Lawn Bowling, Mobile Stage, Splash Pads, Trails, Volleyball Courts, and more to express the natural royalty buried inside you.

Become the Main Character of Your Opulent Dream

Every human being has their own unique personality and crave for opulence. Dive into this dream by visiting the Rose Garden. Your gracefulness can be satisfied. Create your best collage of memories at the Grounds of Elegance, standing upon vast archetypes and isolated areas just for you. During the event, it is guaranteed that you would be the main character of the show.

Rose Garden Details

Phone: 951-826-2000


Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm

Address: 6927 Magnolia Ave, Riverside, CA, 92506