There is no better representation of Riverside than its sprawling neighborhood; each one carries its own identity and personality. Campus Riverside hopes to highlight this in our neighborhood guide.

Below is a complete guide to each Riverside neighborhood.

“Here for the vibes”

Phoebe Arevalo, California Baptist University

Must-visit coffee and tea spots: “Some of my favorite drink places are Share Tea, Tim Boba, Kraemer’s Coffee, and Twee Coffee. They all have their own atmosphere but are all fun and calming in their own way. The coffee, boba, slushes, and everything on their menus are great!

Best outdoor space to visit:Mount Rubidoux is a lovely outdoor place to go on a hike with your friends, loved one, family or even just your dog. It’s an easy hike and the view of riverside is beautiful!”

Local shops to visit: “I love visiting the Downtown Book Store in down town Riverside. It’s a peaceful and quiet place with a variety of books and little trinkets. I can always find a few books for a really good price that are fun and/or enlightening. Plus, the people are very friendly and sweet.”

Favorite place to eat: “Tio’s tacos! It’s ambiance is very fun, free & creative. It’s a fun spot for friends to hang out in the evening and get a meal. Lots of great photo ops too!”