La Sierra

There is no better representation of Riverside than its sprawling neighborhood; each one carries its own identity and personality. Campus Riverside hopes to highlight this in our neighborhood guide.

Greek Street on La Sierra Avenue

Steve Dorsey, La Sierra University

Favorite Study Spot

My favorite study spot is actually my university’s library. It has an atrium in the middle of it which makes studying more relaxing. Prior to the pandemic it was open to the public to study in upon signing in. Looking forward to studying there again!

Best Outdoor Spot to Visit

Doty Trust Park is a hidden gem in Riverside that is a wondrous outdoor space. It has excellent views, a solid hiking trail, and basketball courts. It’s where I go when I need to be amongst nature and clear my head.

Favorite Local Business

You can’t go wrong with Daily Brew Coffee, their raspberry jam toast is my go to every time. It’s special because that spot made handling the pandemic the slightest bit easier. Also recommend there lemon grass tea!

Best Restaurant

Panini Kabob Grill- Excellent service, delectable food, and fair prices! Great place to get Mediterranean food. Also, Brandon’s Diner is a great chain that has your typical larger than life breakfast plates. Highly recommend the cinnamon revolution French toast!