California Citrus State Historical Park: A Landscape of the Citrus Industry

By Demi Hu |

California, mostly in the southern region, is defined as the ‘Citrus State’. On that account, located in the City of Riverside and having nearly 200 acres of citrus groves, and another 47 acres for other uses, the California Citrus State Historical Park has more than a decade of history in the region. This amusing outdoor museum showcases flourishing and appetizing citruses, as well as a welcoming greeting from an old-fashioned street-side fruit stand. You can even smell the fresh odor of the citrus trees and feel the sensations of historical grounds as you are standing on the landscapes. If you are passionate about historical agriculture, the California Citrus State Historical Park will be a main attraction for you!

What to do

There are a lot of activities to enjoy that can guarantee you to lose track of time. The Visitor Center and Museum gains popularity because of its unique historical explanations and knowledge. It was built to model a packinghouse, and as you walk through the museum, torrents of historical information can storm into your minds like never before. As you follow the paths of citruses, you can find the earliest origins in Asia, followed by its extravagant journey traveling to North America. It also includes the history of those who had a Golden State dream. In the Visitor Center, you will find an array of items from Citrus-themed souvenirs to Citrus designed t-shirts; you name it, they have it. After browsing through the Visitor Center, you can enjoy the many walking trails that give you access to a grand view of the 247-acre park, as well as a picnic camp to eat a deliciously packed meal with your loved ones. 

Citrus History

The formation of Southern California’s connection with the long journey of citrus is quite memorable. The origins go all the way back to Spanish missionaries that introduced citrus to California in 1769. Though, there were new samples of citrus that came to the U.S. from a missionary of Bahia, Brazil in 1873. These samples included the bountiful flavors of sweet, juicy, seedless taste of citrus. An employee from the Department of Agriculture located in Washington D.C., shipped two citrus trees from Bahia to Eliza Tibbets, a resident of Riverside. Fast forward to today, and all of the citrus agriculture in Riverside stems from the original 2 sample trees that made their way from Washington D.C. And in August of 1993, the outdoor museum was built to celebrate this historical agriculture.  


The State Park welcomes all visitors, and event those who want to host their event at the park. You can book weddings or other confidential events you wish to be held! Only one click and reservation on the State Park website will get you an amazing private experience on the landscapes of the citrus industry. Click here to reserve now!

In addition to reservations, there are also fun events hosted at the Citrus Park every year! For example, the Citrus Heritage Run is set to happen on January 6th, 2024! Click here to learn more.

Hours and Location

Phone: (951) 780-6222

Park Hours: 8am-5pm

Visitor Center: Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10:00am to 4:00pm

Address: 9400 Dufferin Ave Riverside, CA 92504 United States