Study Spots in Riverside for College Students

By Sol Garay |

With finals week just around the corner, we are here to bring you some of the best study spots that Riverside has to offer! Of course, there are plenty of great study spots at your university such as the Orbach library at UCR, or the Annie Gabriel Library at CBU, however we’d like to shed light on some spots around the city. Good luck on your finals!

Riverside Main Library

With a grand total of 42,000 square feet, there’s plenty of room at Riverside’s Main Library for a study session by yourself or with your classmates. The library also offers other services such as 3D printing, study or meeting rooms, and even a small music studio with a booth. Unlimited free Wi-Fi is also available- of course.

Address: 3900 Mission Inn Avenue, Riverside, CA 92501


Friday                  10:00 AM–6:00 PM

Saturday              10:00 AM–6:00 PM

Sunday                Closed

Monday               Closed

Tuesday               10:00 AM–6:00 PM

Wednesday        10:00 AM–6:00 PM

Thursday             10:00 AM–6:00 PM

Arcade Downtown

Arcade is a vibrant, modern, and stylish coffee and lunch spot located just down the street from Riverside City Hall. It has a ton of amazing food and drink options, and plenty of room to study and get some work done. Grab a coffee or matcha latte, put on your headphones, and get to work!

Authors Note: This place is pretty pricey so keep that in mind. Perhaps you’re like me and don’t feel like spending an arm and leg on a coffee or pastries, coffee bean is just up the street and a tad cheaper!

Address: 3870 Main St #101, Riverside, CA 92501


Friday                  7 AM–4:00 PM

Saturday              7 AM–4:00 PM

Sunday                7 AM–4:00 PM

Monday               7 AM–4:00 PM

Tuesday               7 AM–4:00 PM

Wednesday        7 AM–4:00 PM

Thursday             7 AM–4:00 PM

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Mission Inn Avenue

Just down the street of the Iconic Mission Inn, the Coffee Bean is an excellent study spot for students. They offer a variety of drinks and tea options, and there is even outdoor seating if you want to study in an open-air space. Please not that it does get busy therefore the noise-levels might not be suitable for intense studying, however if you are studying as a group or anything like that then this is the perfect place!

Address: 3712 Mission Inn Avenue N-4, Riverside, CA 92501


Friday                  6 AM–8:00 PM

Saturday              6 AM–8:00 PM

Sunday                 6 AM–8:00 PM

Monday               6 AM–8:00 PM

Tuesday               6 AM–8:00 PM

Wednesday        6 AM–8:00 PM

Thursday             6 AM–8:00 PM

La Sierra Library

Located in Riverside’s Ward 7, the La Sierra Library is a great place to study and get some work done. The library also offers a ton of amenities that are perfect for any student; these include: Multiple Tables and chairs, sofas, Study Rooms, Unlimited Wifi, and printing services.

Address: 4600 La Sierra Avenue Riverside, CA 92505


Friday                  10 AM–6:00 PM

Saturday              Closed

Sunday                Closed

Monday               10 AM–6:00 PM

Tuesday               10 AM–6:00 PM

Wednesday        10 AM–6:00 PM

Thursday             10 AM–6:00 PM

Brandon’s Diner – Riverside City Hall

Brandon’s Diner offers a diverse menu with both American and Mexican options. The diner is located in the first-floor lobby of City Hall and is open to the public. There are plenty of tables and chairs to sit down and be productive. So, if you want to get some studying done and also crave some mouthwatering French toast, then consider studying at Brandon’s Diner.

Address: 3900 Main St Riverside, CA 92501


Friday                  7:30 AM–2:00 PM

Saturday              7:30 AM–2:00 PM

Sunday                7:30 AM–2:00 PM

Monday               7:30 AM–2:00 PM

Tuesday               7:30 AM–2:00 PM

Wednesday        7:30 AM–2:00 PM

Thursday             7:30 AM–2:00 PM

Doty Trust Park

Doty Trust Park is an excellent location to study if you enjoy being outside. The park has plenty of tables and benches for you to work on. There are also basketball courts if you feel like taking a break from studying and shooting some hoops. There’s even some hiking trails nearby if you want to clear your head and immerse yourself in nature!

Address: 5410 Golden Ave, Riverside, CA 92505


Friday                  7:00 AM–8:00 PM

Saturday              7:00 AM–8:00 PM

Sunday                7:00 AM–8:00 PM

Monday               7:00 AM–8:00 PM

Tuesday               7:00 AM–8:00 PM

Wednesday        7:00 AM–8:00 PM

Thursday             7:00 AM–8:00 PM

Condron Coffee

Condron Coffee is a spacious place to study and enjoy a proper cup of Joe. Some have even said that the vibes are immaculate. Because of its popularity, expect a large crowd of people so make sure to arrive early or during non-rush hours if you want a quieter experience.

P.S. Their vanilla latte is to die for!

Address: 3696 Sunnyside Dr, Riverside, CA 92506


Friday                  7 AM–11:00 PM

Saturday              7 AM–11:00 PM

Sunday                7 AM–7:00 PM

Monday               7 AM–7:00 PM

Tuesday               7 AM–7:00 PM

Wednesday        7 AM–7:00 PM

Thursday             7 AM–7:00 PM

UCR Botanical Gardens

The UCR Botanical Gardens is a 40-acrebotanical garden featuring more than 3,500 different species of plants. If you enjoy being around nature the this is the perfect spot for you to study. There are benches, small tables, and open air spaces where you can sit down and dive deep into your textbooks.

Address: 1 Botanic Gardens Dr, Riverside, CA 92507


Friday                  8 AM–3:30 PM

Saturday              Closed

Sunday                8 AM–2 PM

Monday               8 AM–3:30 PM

Tuesday               8 AM–3:30 PM

Wednesday        8 AM–3:30 PM

Thursday             8 AM–3:30 PM